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Luisa Wolf is a Swiss actress with Caribbean roots.

At the age of 4 she was on stage for the first time. During her childhood she was part of the Ballet Ensemble of the City Theater Sursee, Switzerland. After her business school diploma she followed her dreams, studying acting, singing and dancing at Stage School Hamburg, Germany. Afterwards she got roles in several musicals and was assigned as a dancer to go on a 1-year tour with famous Swiss musician Bligg. She also sang backings with Swiss soul band Sarah Canzani. After a baby break and a long round-the-world trip, she appeared in the well-known series ‚Wilder’ Season III for Swiss TV and in several commercials. Later she played the main role in ‚Presidental Suite‘ at Theater Matte in Bern. Deciding to focus entirely on her acting career, she produced her first short movie, wrote the script and played the main role. In 2021 ‚allein‘ won the Swisscom blue Open Stage Award.

Drama 12'


Marie and her husband Paul are expecting a child, but because she hasn't yet reached the third month, Paul doesn't want her to tell anyone about it. Even her mother.

Script, Production, Main Role by Luisa Wolf



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